Welcome into my website!

I am Nicola Giosmin, an italian pianist, composer and researcher (PHD) based in France. My interests cover too many areas to be listed here (and then, who really cares?)… anyway I am fond of music, philosophy, politics, Free Software, cooking, economy, art, chess, science, wine, and so on. Unfortunately life is too short to do everything but in any case I think it is better to spend our time in doing things that we love.

I am more interested in ideas than in gossip, so in this website you are not going to find anything about me (except my CV) and my personal life. Nevertheless you will find a lot of information about my activities, passions and projects. The website is divided into simple parts (even if I do not believe that such a segmentation could illustrate the complexity behind a human life), so you can easily find what you need:

  • Piano: in this section you will find all my piano related projects (recordings, researches, etc.)
  • Composition: this section is completely devoted to my activity as a composer (no special effects, sorry)
  • Research: here you will be able to read my articles and publications
  • Free Software: in this page there will be information about Free Software (tips, etc.)
  • (more sections are yet to come!)

Remember: freedom is participation. Do not believe, inform yourself, try to understand, call into question, be (h)ac(k)tive, work for a better world.

Hope you enjoy.