As a classically-trained pianist, my repertoire spans several styles: from baroque to contemporary music. Despite my love for the usual piano repertoire (that I defend in public concerts), I think that my task as an interpreter is to spread good contemporary music and to propose less heard composers. That’s why my piano projects focuses mainly on unknown or little known composers. Our repertoire should be an instrument to understand our times, not only a stuck museum useful for “good soirĂ©es”: if we want to be an active force in cultural development, we must broaden it and constantly call it into question.

For those interested in my piano studies, here are some information (for other infos about my studies, check the other sections of the site). I graduated in piano with Prof. Bortolami Galliano in 1998 at the Padova Conservatory Cesare Pollini. In 2001 I attended a course financed by the Cini Foundation and organised by the Luigi Nono Archive on the interpretation of “….. sofferte onde serene …” with Prof. Stefan Litwin. I was therefore invited to play this piece for the ten-year of the Archive in Venice, in 2003 and in several other occasions.

I perform actively both as a soloist and as a chamber musician. With Daniele Barbato (piano chamber music) we won nine prizes in several national and international competitions (among the others: Luigi Nono Prize [Torino; 2nd prize, 1st not awarded], Prize Nuova Carish [City of Rome Competition], Special Prize Giulio Viozzi [Trieste], Prize Ciy of Grosseto [3rd prize], Prize City of Riccione [2nd prize], Lario in music [Lecco; 2nd prize, 1st not awarded]) with programs highly devoted to XXth century music. As chamber music partner (with the soprano Ms. Floriana Pezzolo) he studies the vocal chamber repertoire with the tenor Leonardo de Lisi.

I followed masterclasses with Ruth Ziesak, Ulrich Eisenlohr, Henner Leye, Juergen Glauss , Peter Runge, Tobias Koch (in 2005, at the Koeln Academy in Montepulciano) and Dalton Baldwin (in 2006, at the Scuola Civica of Milano) on vocal chamber music accompaniment.

I perfectioned in piano and chamber music with Prof. Piernarciso Masi at the Accademia musicale di Firenze for two years.

I recorded some discs for the Taukay label.

Currently I work at the Bourg-la-Reine Departement Conservatory (near Paris).

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